Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Accounts Receivable Past 90 Days Due

As a result of the Klippers arrears Council has implemented a new policy regarding over due accounts. The policy is fairly straightforward: once an account is more than 90 days overdue then the account is brought before Council to see what action steps have been taken. The 90 day mark is as an identifier for risky accounts is a common business practice. Most accounts are for a modest amount of money ranging from less than $5 to $1,500 rather then the Klippers' amount.

If such a step had been taken at the 90 day mark then Klippers' arrears could have been dealt with in a timely matter.

Here is the process for accounts that are in arrears.

1.     Once an account is 90 days overdue a call is made to the customer requesting that payment made or to make arrangements for payments.  At this time we check for any problems the customer may have with the invoice.   We normally call each customer twice before proceeding further. At this time Council is informed of 90 day overdue accounts.

2.     If no payment is received after the second call a copy of all unpaid invoices along with a statement are sent to the customer.  This statement contains a notification that if payment is not received within 30 days their account will go to collections.

3.     After the 30 days if no payment has been received the account is sent to collections.  The Town of Kindersley is currently using Credit Bureau Collections as their collection agency.  Credit Bureau will register our collections against the customer’s credit rating if possible.

4.     Once a year a report is presented to Council requesting that accounts be written off and the reason why.  The main reasons that we take an account to council to be written off are:
          a.      The customer cannot be located.
          b.     The account has been in collections for more than a year with no action.
          c.      Errors on the account were determined after the close of the year.
          d.     The amount of the account is too small to send to collections.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Cemetery: A New Columbarium

The cemetery committee has been very busy enhancing our visits to the cemetery by improving our experience. I often do laps on my bicycle around the cemetery and it is much better this year.

One of the items on the 'to do' list of the Cemetery Committee is the development of a new Columbarium. A columbarium is used to inter the ashes of loved ones.
Columbarium at the Kindersley Cemetary - July 25, 2013
On July 22nd Council approved the Cemetery Committee's recommendation to award a contract to the Sunset Memorial & Finestone Ltd.,who made the last columbarium. The new one will look like the last one and hold more niches, 80 compared to 60, then the other proposals.

Monday, 29 July 2013

August Schedule

This is my tentative schedule for August. I anticipate it will change.

Aug 1 – 3: Away
Aug 6 – 11: Away
Aug 12: Mayor’s Hours
Aug 12: Council Meeting
Aug 13: Museum Meeting
Aug 15: Council Working Meeting
Aug 15: Meeting
Aug 16: Mayor’s Hours
Aug 18 – 20: Mayors’ School
Aug 22: Mayors/Reeves Forum
Aug 23: Mayor’s Hours
Aug 24: Out of Town
Aug 26: Meeting
Aug 26: Mayor’s Hours
Aug 26: Council Meeting
Aug 28: WCMGC – Landis

Aug 30: Mayor’s Hours

Governance Update

Council is still reviewing the policy manual to develop a Kindersley specific governance model. I have to confess I am growing impatient with this, like some other activities we are doing like the strategic plan. However, we are making headway and are still looking for a new reporting style for Administration to use.

Currently, Council receives a lot of information about the various tasks undertaken by Administration. Though this is important what is most important is the outcomes. So, we are looking for a new reporting tool that also includes outcomes.

Another criteria we have is that report writing should not hinder or impede the completion of the work of Administration. Onward we go in this process.

Saturday, 27 July 2013


A lot of roads have been dug up this summer and a lot of water mains replaced along with some new water and sanitation pipes.
5th Ave W - July 26, 2013
This past week the advance crews for the paving crews were in town prepping our roads for paving. Sometime this coming week we should see the roads being paved.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Yet More Rhino Snot

A Road treated with Rhino Snot - July 26, 2013
The application of the Rhino Snot was completed today. Now we wait to see how it holds up through time and weather. As we drove on it this evening it was dust free and a much different surface than the non-gravel streets.

Its wait and see now. If you're a regular user of the treated streets please let the Town know how the Rhino Snot is working. Your opinion matters.

The New Normal is Growth!

 For too long we have had a housing shortage in Kindersley.
Imagine! A Field of New Neighbours - July 26, 2013

Back in May Council directed Administration to develop a “Request for Expressions of Interest” (REOI) for the multi-use land development of 115.5 acres east of Caleb Village, north of Motherwell, and south of the railway. Council knows we need housing and had a meeting with a representative of Head Start; a provincial agency managed by a private company to help communities like Kindersley develop housing. Head Start also informed some developers of the market conditions in Kindersley resulting in one company contacting the Town. I spoke with the President as well, and based on this conversation I spoke with Council resulting in the REOI.
Imagine! New Homes, New Neighbours, New Friends - July 26, 2013

Long story short: by the REOI’s deadline three companies had submitted presentations for Council’s consideration. Council reviewed the best two submissions and on August 12th a resolution will be coming before Council to partner with Marathon Properties.

MarathonProperties (Marathon) submitted a comprehensive and visionary concept plan to help Kindersley meet our current needs and grow into the future. The recommendations for Marathon were very good and the communication to date has been excellent. The plan is develop the property over 10 years including: residential of various sorts including affordable housing, parkland, commercial space for professional offices and reserving a lot overlooking Motherwell for a restaurant.
Concept Plan for Marathon's "Brookhollow Estates" in Kindersley - courtesy of Marathon Properties
The development of the land is a P3 (Public Private Partnership). As a P3 each partner works for both their partners benefit as well as their own. Further, each partner carries the risk they are willing to carry: Marathon’s risk is developing the infrastructure and homes, selling the homes and making a profit; the Town’s risk is delegating development. As many people have said in the past: “Municipal governments, including Kindersley, should not be in the business of land development.” Marathon’s return on investment (ROI) is the opportunity to do what they do and make money at a certain rate of return. Other things Marathon will be doing is ensuring that architectural controls are followed as the various types of residences are built. The Town's ROI is the development of infrastructure including: water, sanitation, gutters, curbs, and sidewalks as well as new homes and residents.

The project under consideration, tentatively titled, Brookhollow Estates, plans to accommodate more than 2,800 people. The development will be staged with the first two stages occurring simultaneously. It is possible that within three years there will be a thousand more people living in Kindersley; this number includes the AlSask development.
The First Two Stages of Development for Marathon's "Brookhollow Estates" - courtesy of Marathon Properties
The resolution is the first step in the process to develop the land. There are many more steps including:
·         Confirmation that title of land is in the name of Marathon Properties Corp
·         Approval of Concept Plan by the Town of Kindersley
·         Copy of the Geo-technical Study
·         Copy of the signed Servicing Agreement between the Town of Pilot Butte and Marathon Properties Corp
·         Preliminary Engineering for complete subdivision by Bullee Consulting Ltd
·         Survey Plan of Completed Subdivision showing development phases and zoning as supported by the Town of Kindersley Bylaws
·         There will be public readings for rezoning the property as well.

Some of the questions we are considering include:
·         How much revenue will be generated from development charges for future infrastructure projects? Is this sustainable so the town is not at risk?
·         How will property taxes be affected for increased services such as garbage collection and snow removal? Is this sustainable so the town is not at risk?
·         How will this affect Phase 2 (I assume it strengthens our case)
·         What adjustments need to be made for emergency services?
·         Will our civic groups be able to integrate and be flexible for our new neighbours?
·         And more…

Other considerations we have include:
·         How do we position the Town to ensure people and business locate here and stay here?
·         Are there any design considerations to consider to enhance people’s experience of Kindersley as they shop, visit, do business, and live here?

Let me conclude with this: the golf course has designs on growth, we working to develop Phase 2, the Red Lions are ambitious, the patch is busy, and many groups in Kindersley have visions of a better future, and now Phase 8, the ‘Brookhollow Estates,’ may also become part of Kindersley’s new reality . As a result we have much to be excited about which also requires a great deal of sober thinking and work. After all nothing ages faster than yesterday’s dreams of tomorrow.

Imagine! Paved streets and roads filled with new neighbours and friends - July 26, 2013

If you have any comments please email me. I am on holidays until the 11th and will respond after I return.

Beautiful Bouquets

This year the flowers downtown are looking great.
Downtown from 5th Ave - July 26, 2013
Communities in Bloom is coming to town August 7th to judge. So, please beautify your property and come for lunch on August 7th at Baker Park at 12:00. It is a beautiful setting with food.
Looking Downtown from 5th - July 26, 2013

Many thanks go to Joe and his crew at Public Works for making Kindersley look good!

Zoning Application - Richardson Pioneer is Growing

Richardson Pioneer, the firm with the grain handling plant on Railway, is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year; congratulations! It is encouraging to learn that at 100 years Richardson Pioneer is looking to grow.
Richardson Pioneer on Railway Ave W - July 25, 2013
During our last Council meeting on July 22nd, Richardson Pioneer submitted a development permit to construct a 6 bin in-line granular fertilizer blending facility and a 45' x 135' agrichemical storage warehouse on their current location close their southern property line. The project is expected to start this August with a finish date in October.

Developments like this are considered discretionary and allowable if certain conditions and standards are met. Some of the conditions and standards that Richardson Pioneer have met include:
  • compliance with all regulations set by Sask Environment and Public Safety
  • all outside storage is fenced
  • the fertilizer storage tanks are to be located in accordance with the National Fire Code of Canada
  • the agrichemical storage facilities are constructed and operated in compliance with the Agrichemical Warehouse Standards Association's Warehousing Audit Protocols and User Guide
Richardson Pioneer on Railway Ave W - July 25, 2013
Council has been assured by our engineering department that the new development as proposed by Richardson Pioneer complies with all standards and regulations

It is good news when a company with a rich history like Richardson Pioneer is expanding in Kindersley. This is a continuation of the new normal in Saskatchewan of ongoing sustainable growth. Growth in the local agriculture sector is a good indicator of the strength our economy.

There is reason to be confident about the future given the activity in the patch, growth of Richardson Pioneer, and the response we have received to the Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI).

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Congratulations Kamruz!

There is a certain little Prince George who shall always be remembered for being born on the same day as Rehan, son of Kamruz the Director of Engineering for the Town of Kindersley. Congratulations Kamruz and Sumana on the birth of your first son and third child!
Rehan, Son of Kamruz - July 22, 2013

More Rhino Snot

Today a friend and I went to see the Rhino Snot applied. It seemed like the water truck was spraying some of that white Elmer's Glue onto the road. It seemed to have a 'gluey' smell.
Rhino Snot Application - July 25, 2013
It went on much more 'liquidy' than I expected.
Liquid Rhino Snot immediately after Application - July 25, 2013
The Rhino Snot, also known as 'earth glue,' reminded me of spilled glue.
Rhino Snot on the third of application - July 25, 2013
Friday July 26 is the last day of application. I am looking forward to seeing the road next week and hearing from the people in the Industrial Area as to whether it works for them.

Financial Audit

During the Council meeting of July 22nd Amanda Bertoia of Close, Perkins, & Hauta, the Town's Auditor, presented her findings for the year end of December 31, 2012. No news is good news. She found nothing to be concerned about. Further, she was satisfied that the Town has the appropriate controls in place ensuring accountability.

When asked what if any concerns she might have Amanda replied that the Town needs to do more cross training among staff. The purpose of the cross training is to ensure that the Town's operations are not hampered should someone have an accident or become ill. Specifically she is concerned about the load that our Director of Corporate Services, Audrey Hebert, is carrying.

I am pleased to say that this issue has already been addressed and implemented. It was identified prior to the retirement of our previous Deputy Administrator.

Rhino Snot: An Update

Wednesday was the second day rhino snot, or the boring term "earth glue," was applied. So far so good.
Rhino Snot, the day after, July 24, 2013 - photo Councillor Curtis Sackville
Today I was in Kerrobert chairing the West Central Municipal Government Committee and people were very curious about our experiment with Rhino Snot.
Rhino Snot - after one day, July 24, 2013 - photo Councillor Curtis Sackville
One gentleman, Kim from the Ministry of Transportation, skipped out on his golf game to visit Kindersley and learn more about our 'test driving' of rhino snot.
Rhino Snot, the day after, July 24, 2013 - photo Councillor Curtis Sackville
It is my hope that this product can successfully address the concerns of the Industrial Area.

Thank you Councillor Curtis Sackville for the photos.

Council Live Streaming - The Ratings are In!

The numbers are in and Council is not an overnight ratings success on the internet. Based on the fact we had an average of 15 people watch the meeting with a high of 18, I doubt we will be attracting people to advertise with us. (We wouldn't solicit sponsors but it would be a pleasant problem if they came to us because of our numbers.)

Screen Shot of the First Town of Kindersley Council Meeting to be Live Streamed - July 22, 2013
In the picture, the owner of Vista Clear is making a presentation to Council. I, and some members of Council, are looking Vista Clear's information on the screen in the Chambers.
Fifteen people is a start and I have yet to attend a Council meeting with 15 people. I think, during the budget period, we may have had a dozen people in the Chambers and that was, politely speaking, cozy.

Surgite! and maybe next time our high will be 25 with an average of 18.

If you want to watch us you can find us here. Our next meeting is August 12, 2013. Or if you visit the Town's website then it is located on the top left panel on the home page of the Town website and will appear as a hot button on the new website design.

Thank you to the Town of Kindersley for allowing me to use their image.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sidewalks on 11th Ave E

Have you noticed anything 'peculiar' about the sidewalks on 11th Ave E? Council has, as have others, and we asked Administration about the 'waves' in the sidewalk. The answer was interesting. In another blog I wrote about how 11th Ave E is too 'flat' resulting in water not moving off of the road. With the construction of gutters and sidewalk water would pool on the road causing a hazard.

11th Ave Sidewalk - Can you see the 'waves'?, July 2013
 To mitigate the water hazard so that it flows away from the road Kamruz, our Director of Engineering, found a cost effective solution. By creating 'waves' in the sidewalk, water on the edge of the road along the gutter will flow to culverts running underneath the sidewalk and draining away from the road.

11th Ave E Sidewalk - Can you see the 'waves'? July 2013
If you have noticed anything 'peculiar' around town, take a photo and email me; perhaps we can find an answer.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rhino Snot: aka "Earth Glue"

The Town is trying something new to control dust and improve the road surface in the industrial area. Rhino Snot, or earth glue, was developed by the United States Armed Forces to quickly develop a landing and takeoff runway for aircraft including big transport planes such as Hercules aircraft.
Rhino Snot, earth glue, application in the industrial area, July 23, 2013 - Councillor Curtis Sackville photo
The application was designed for ease of use in a variety of environments. It is mixed together and then sprayed on a surface.
Rhino Snot application, July 23, 2016 - Councillor Curtis Sackville photo
First the roadway is graded and then watered. After the road has settled then the Rhino Snot is applied, allowed to set a for a period of time, and then the road is used a per usual.
Rhino Snot after application soaking into the road, July 23, 2013 - Councillor Curtis Sackville photo
The Rhino Snot hardens the surface by binding together the aggregate thereby reducing dust and strengthening the roadway. We are part of a pilot project in Western Canada and are looking forward to seeing how it works. If you would like more technical information please contact the Town of Kindersley Economic Development Officer.

Thank you Councillor Curtis Sackville for the photos.

Klippers' Debt Repayment

This morning, July 23rd, the Town of Kindersley and the Kindersley Klippers agreed upon a debt repayment schedule. The amount to be repaid to the Town of Kindersley is $80,595.61. The Klippers have agreed to repay a minimum of $500 after each gate with the total amount repaid within 3 years.

Kindersley Klippers Logo provided by Kindersley Klippers
The Council of the Town of Kindersley, heading into the meeting, wanted to ensure the Klippers are successful moving forward. Because of this Council did not want to hamper the ongoing operations of the Klippers. As a result I made a suggestion that the Klippers have a "bucket" at the gate so fans can throw in a loonie, twonie, or a $bill to reduce the debt. The thinking behind this is that this method won't affect the other fundraisers used to support the team. This tactic was successfully used by the Yorkton Terriers a few years ago when they were struggling financially. The Terriers repaid the City of Yorkton in full using this method.

The Klippers are also concerned about public perception of their current dilemma. The Klippers had understood that the Town owed them monies and wanted those monies deducted from their arrears. This morning we were able to show them that those monies had not been paid as they had thought. This misunderstanding has been cleared up.

Did you know the Klippers have the most inexpensive tickets in the SJHL. If all the fans attending games chip in a loonie or a twonie, the tickets, or season passes, are still a very good deal. Later this week I will be taking an extra $52 to Mark Elliotte, the President of the Klippers, to cover my "loonie debt reduction" donation needed at the door for each game.

As I have said elsewhere, I believe the Klippers are important to the Town but they must be sustainable. The Klippers are trying to turn things around but need the fans support.  If the Klippers' fan base is unwilling to support the team through this modest opportunity to help, which is open to everyone who is a fan, then perhaps the Klippers need to make some hard choices in the spring.

Council is determined that the Klippers pay the monies owed but we are still supporters of the team. I want to encourage you, if you are a fan, or think the team is important to the community, to support the team through this difficult time.

Sometimes we need to help each other through the tough spots.

Moment with the Mayor: WCEC Floor

Hi Everyone:
July 22nd was the first time that you were able to watch a Council meeting from the comfort of your own home. If you saw it, drop me a line and let me know what you think. Future meetings will be streamed at Our next livestreamed Council meeting is August 12th at 6:00 PM. Tune in.

One of the bigger decisions made at the live streamed council meeting was having the floor at the WCEC refinished. The decision to have the concrete densified and polished is an issue that relates to smart spending over the long term, economic development, and community pride.

Due to the densification of the concrete (or the hardening of the concrete into a quartz like stone), the Town expects to save approximately 30% - 40% in maintenance costs compared to the traditional floor finish products over ten years. That is a significant savings for the Town. The floor is expected to be much easier to clean, and shinier, resulting from more light being reflected off of the floor. Given all of the information we have been provided over the last month or so, I am looking forward to the new floor surface being complete by the end of August.

How will the new floor help economic development? It is the first step in enhancing the Kindersley experience for ourselves and our guests. Through having a better experience of the WCEC it is our understanding that it will encourage people to spend more time, and hopefully, money in Kindersley. But the floor is the first step. Part of economic development is enhancing the whole experience of Kindersley. Part of this is also the Town Square, which is currently being developed. Additionally, there is the topic of downtown revitalization, ranging from filling up the vacant lots with stores or beautifying vacant lots so they are more appealing. Let’s not forget the corridor along Hwy 21. We are looking at ways to improve the experience of being in Kindersley so people will want to stop and visit. As we enhance our experience of Kindersley for pre-residents (people who may move into Kindersley), then our commercial, industrial, and residential areas will grow. Enhancing our quality of life isn’t just about opportunities for swimming, indoor soccer, or concerts and plays; it includes the experience we have of our community.

How we experience our town is usually dependent on the relationships we have and the beauty of the town. Fundamentally, this is civic pride. Civic pride - our relationships and beauty - is the heartbeat of Kindersley. We have a lot to be proud of, and it is time we celebrate our 100 years by having our history, our people, our resources, and our pride on display at the WCEC, downtown, the highway corridor, the industrial area, and our neighbourhoods.

Please write or phone if you would like me to discuss a particular topic. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line at the town office or email me. You can also check out my blog. I appreciate your feedback.

Have a good week!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mayoral Report: June - July

Hi: here is my Mayoral Report for June 21 through July 17, 2013. If you have any comments or questions please let me know.

Follow Up
Policy Number
June 21
Mayor’s Hours
·      Met with residents
·      Brought concerns to admin/Council
·      GP.2.1; GP.7
June 24
Water West Opening
·      Celebrate completion of historical project

·      GP.4.; GP.7.
June 25
OCP Conference Call
·      Determine way forward
·      Discuss with Council
·      GP.4.
June 25
Meridian CF AGM
·      Celebrate Year’s Activities
·      Share with Council
·      GP.4.; GP.7.
June 25
Council Meeting
·      Public Meeting
·      Refer to minutes
·      GP.0., GP.1.
June 26
WCMGC – Wilkie
·      Urban Co-Chair
·      Ongoing
·      GP.4.
June 27
Radio Interview
·      Communication
·      Ongoing
·      GP.7.
June 27
Great Plains Meeting
·      Building Partnership
·      Ongoing
·      GP.4.; GP.7.
June 28
Mayor’s Hours
·      Met with residents
·      Brought concerns to admin/Council
·      GP.2.1; GP.7
June 28
Heartland Health Region
·      Building Partnership
·      Ongoing
·      GP.4.; GP.7.
July 1
Canada Day Celebrations
·      Celebrating Community

·      GP.4.; GP.7.
July 4
Floor Demonstration
·      Examine floor finishes
·      Determine best floor for facility
·      GP.2.
July 5
Minister Jim Reiter’s Golf Tournament
·      Raising Kindersley’s profile and building relations
·      Ongoing
·      GP.4.; GP.7.
July 8
Mayor’s Hours
·      Met with residents
·      Brought concerns to admin/Council
·      GP.2.1; GP.7
July 8
Council Meeting
·      Public Meeting
·      Refer to minutes
·      GP.0., GP.1.
July 9
Lunch w/Stakeholder representative
·      Discuss best way forward
·      Share with Council
·      GP.7.
July 9
Premier Brad Wall’s BBQ – North Battleford
·      Raising Kindersley’s profile and building relations
·      Ongoing
·      GP.7.
July 11
Floor Demonstration
·      Examine floor finishes
·      Determine best floor for facility
·      GP.2.
July 15
Lunch w/Stakeholder representative
·      Discuss best way forward
·      Share with Council
·      GP.7.
July 15
Mayor’s Hours
·      Met with residents
·      Brought concerns to admin/Council
·      GP.2.1; GP.7
July 15
Council Meeting
·      Phase 8 Presentation
·      Consider best development proposal
·      GP.0., GP.1.
July 16
Celebrity Golf Tournament Meet & Greet
·      Represent Kindersley

·      GP.4.; GP.7.
July 17
Celebrity Golf Tournament & Supper
·      Represent Kindersley

·      GP.4.; GP.7.