Sunday, 30 November 2014

Moment with the Mayor: Anti-Bullying Bylaw

Hi Neighbours:

During our last Council meeting, we had a discussion regarding adopting an anti-bullying bylaw. The RCMP presented to Council a couple of meetings ago the need for an anti-bullying bylaw based on recent incidents in Town. Here are some highlights from the draft bylaw:

·         The purpose of this bylaw is to promote the safety, health, and wealth of the residents of Kindersley by proscribing certain anti-social behaviour not otherwise covered by the OH&S Act 1996 or the Criminal Code of Canada.

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 4(1) of The Municipalities Act as amended, a municipality’s purpose include developing and maintaining a safe and viable community, and to foster economic, social and environmental well-being; and WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 8(1) of The Municipalities Act as amended, a Council may pass Bylaws respecting the safety, health and welfare of people and the protection of people and property and respecting people, activities and things in or near public places; and WHEREAS, the one of the three stated missions on the Town of Kindersley Strategic Plan 2014-2016, is to foster a community that is A Family Friendly Multicultural Community That is Safe; and WHEREAS, bullying in any community should not be tolerated and every effort should be made between all agencies, organizations, and levels of government to curb bullying;

"Bullied" means the repeated or habitual harassment of others by the real or threatened infliction of physical violence and attacks, racially, ethnic, gender or sexual orientation-based abuse, taunts, name-calling and put-downs that are verbal, written or electronically transmitted, or emotional abuse, extortion or stealing of money and possessions and social out-casting and exclusion.

I can’t help but think that bullying is a cultural problem and a bylaw, in and of itself, is insufficient. What the bylaw does, perhaps, is raise our awareness that there is a level of unhealthiness present in our community that is causing some people to violate traditional ethics of behaviour toward one another. The bylaw identifies behaviour that will be deemed unacceptable within our community, but it is up to all citizens to change the culture by embracing these standards.

Healthy communities with healthy relationships need opportunities for individuals to find fulfillment through a variety of means. The Town is working on this through the development of a socio-economic development plan that includes an economic development plan, a recreation plan, and a culture plan. We are making an effort to strengthen and enhance programming offered, such as boxing classes and Jump, Hop, Move for young children. And the health of Kindersley is also dependent on the leadership of our volunteers who initiate and lead programs and workshops such as belly dancing, curling, and much more. Health and fulfillment is truly a community effort.

Please write or phone if you would like me to discuss a particular topic. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line at the town office or email me at You can also check out my blog at I appreciate your feedback.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Kindersley in The Financial Post

Earlier this week Kindersley was mentioned in the Financial Post. It is by the same author as the Calgary Herald writer and pretty much the same content.

However, if you search Twitter for "Kindersley" you will find that we are being talked about across Canada in a mostly favourable light.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Calgary Herald Interview

Last week I was interviewed by Stephen Ewart, a columnist with the Calgary Herald, regarding the economic activity in and around Kindersley. We spoke for 25 minutes. You can find his column here.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Moment with the Mayor: A Grab Bag of Stuff

Hi Neighbours:

It is hard to believe that 2014 is winding down; it has been an eventful year. Today’s column is a grab bag of stuff marking the year end and looking ahead a little.

Per the Council Policy Manual, Council is conducting a review of itself. The annual review is for three purposes:

1.       To ensure our neighbours in Kindersley have a Council that is providing effective leadership and oversight;

2.       Understanding how we are effective and what we are doing well; and

3.       Developing an awareness of the opportunities we have for improvement.

The tool has six tables that ask an assortment of questions addressing: Structure and Processes, Council Performance, Council Meetings, Council and Staff Relations, Council Member Competencies, and Feedback on the Mayor. Continuous improvement is key for any organization and we have to demonstrate it. There are three potential responses: OFI (opportunity for improvement), adequate, and good.

I highlighted the budget last week and I did an overview of the Action Plan for 2015 the week previous to that. Both the Action Plan for 2015 and the Budget will be on the agenda for the December 8th Council Meeting.

Housing is still a concern and I have arranged for representative(s) from the Saskatchewan Co-Op Association to attend the December 8th Council Meeting and deliver a presentation about co-operative housing. The purpose of the presentation is to build awareness for this housing concept so people can determine if this is a model they want to participate in. There are a variety of co-operative housing types and perhaps one works for both residents and businesses of Kindersley. This presentation is an exploration of the co-operative housing concept.

Another item coming up for discussion is an anti-bullying by-law. Defining any behaviour as criminal is the responsibility of the federal government, but the RCMP are asking for us to engage in this discussion. According to Article 4 of the Municipalities Act we are to develop and maintain a safe and viable community fostering economic, social and environmental well-being. How do we define this Article? A law-based response similar to the criminal code or a social investment response creating opportunities for fulfillment and healthy relationships? I am leaning toward social investment response such as Phase 2 and diversified youth programming.

Please write or phone if you would like me to discuss a particular topic. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line at the town office or email me at You can also check out my blog at I appreciate your feedback.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

INFORMATION SESSION - Recruitment Mission to Ireland/Poland - March 2015

If you are having trouble finding employees keep reading.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy (ECON) Immigration Services Branch, will lead a delegation on a skilled labour recruitment mission in March 2015 at the Working Abroad Expo in Ireland (Dublin/Cork) and Poland (Warsaw) .  The mission will support Saskatchewan employers in filling critical vacancies in the labour market.
Interested employers are invited to attend an information session for more details.  Sessions will include information on:
·         The WorkingAbroad Expo
·         Immigration
·         Recruitment process
·         Mission expectations and logistics
Two information sessions will be held:
Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Ramada Plaza Regina – Canadian South Room
1818 Victoria Avenue –
Time:  10:00 AM
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Travelodge – Concorde 1 Room
106 Circle Drive
Time:  10:00 AM
Confirmation of attendance is required no later than Friday, December 05, 2014 @ 12:00 PM.
Gisele McCarthy
Employer Relations Specialist
T:  306-933-7936

WCEC Stuff

Yesterday I had a tour of the WCEC. The reason for the tour was the unexpected freezing of water lines. Again corrective action has been taken and will continue to be taken. The primary reason for some of these problems is design: the cold air intake is right beside the water pipes. Temporary steps have been taken to prevent the problem from reoccurring and permanent solutions will be implemented in the coming weeks.

The facility is being cleaned and defects addressed in preparation for the WJHC in December.

Last week the Town received an action plan from the ice consultants to ensure that the WCEC ice is in the best possible shape for the tournament.

WCEC Concession Booth

Yesterday at lunch Council awarded the contract to operate the concession booth on the main floor to Bob of the Prime Rib Restaurant. A variety of fast will be offered including burgers, wraps, fries, etc. Work is starting to open as soon as is reasonably possible.

The WCEC main floor concession booth has been without an operator because KMS decided against fulfilling it. There has been a lot of discussion about why. What follows is the contract proposed to KMS and there are no substantive changes for the new operator.

This agreement made this


day of

PHONE (306) 463-2675  FAX (306) 463-4577

, 2013


a municipal body under the laws of the Province of Saskatchewan
(Hereinafter called Town”)


Operators of the Kindersley Minor Hockey, Kindersley Skating Club and Kindersley
Minor Ball having its office in the Town of Kindersley
Province of Saskatchewan
(Hereinafter called KMS)

WHEREAS, the Town owns and operates the Kindersley West Central Events Centre located in the Town of Kindersley, Province of Saskatchewan.

AND WHEREAS the KMS organization is the operator of the Minor Hockey, Skating
Club and Ball programs in Kindersley.

AND WHEREAS the KMS organization are desirous of using the concession booth located on the main floor in the West Central Events Centre, on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth for the purpose of commercial sales therein.

Both parties agree:

a)         that the terms of the agreement shall be from September 1, 2013 to August 31,

b)         the West Central Events Centre Concession Booth shall mean and include the enclosed area located in the lobby area of the main floor entrance.

c)         that co-operative actions and decision-making as it pertains to the facility must be promoted and practised by both parties.

d)         that this agreement will consider amendments being submitted by either party to address any details and such amendments must be approved by both parties.

e)         KMS will have all advertising rights of the concession booth and any profit made from sponsorship will remain with KMS. The Town of Kindersley and KMS will work together in accordance with the Town of Kindersley advertising policy.

KMS agrees:

a)         KMS agrees to pay the Town the amount listed below for lease of this area:

2013 2014 Season  ($


September 1st  - April 30th                   $ May 1st August 31st       $

per month per month

2014 2015 Season  ($


September 1st  - April 30th                   $

per month

May 1st August 31st                             $                   per month

b)                   KMS shall be responsible for the operation, maintenance, repair and inspection of concession equipment and be responsible for any costs associated with this.

c)                   KMS will strictly comply with all police, fire and sanitary rules, health regulations and bylaws of the Town of Kindersley.

d)                   It is understood that events may take place that offer concession services as part of their event.  In such cases, the access to the concession may not be denied and there shall be enough room to open the front serving counter. (community kitchen) KMS may open the concession booth at any function in the WCEC.

e)                   it is understood that for town-initiated events (i.e. concerts) that a cost share of concession revenue for said events shall be 80% KMS and 20% Town

f)                    KMS will charge a $150.00 cleaning bond to any organization using the concession booth.  The bond will be returned to the organization if the concession booth is left in a clean and acceptable state.

f)          separate, “stand-alone concessions” with qualified Town of Kindersley business
licenses are permitted.

g)                   beverage vending machines may be installed by KMS on the main level of the West Central Events Centre.  Any costs associated with these are the responsibility of KMS.  All other vending machines in the facility are operated by the Town of Kindersley.

h.)       to notify the Town and if required, submit plans, budget and proof that all funds are in place, to the Town of Kindersley for any proposed structural changes to office and storage areas and such approval to be granted before any work is started and it is further understood any improvements, capital work or fixtures attached to the walls of any of the area is the property of the Town of Kindersley.

i.)         to pay for telephone, internet, photocopying and fax costs/bills associated with their operation.

j)          to indemnify and save harmless the Town in respect of any claim, demand, actions, causes of action, damage, loss, costs, including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis, liability, expense, fines and penalties which may be made
or brought against the Town, or which the Town may suffer or incur as a result of:
(i) any failure by KMS to comply with any term or provision of this
(ii) injury to any KMS servant, agent or employee, or to any patron, invitee
or licensee, at the West Central Events Centre during KMS's occupation thereof; (iii) any negligence by KMS, its servants, agents, employees, patrons,
invitees or licensees during the time KMS occupies the West Central Events
Centre; or
(iv) any conduct, work or thing done by KMS, its servants, agents, or employees during the time KMS occupies the West Central Events Centre.

l)          that they will, at their own expense, maintain general public liability insurance in an amount not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence during the term of this Agreement to cover KMS's use of the West Central Events Centre.

m)        that they will be responsible for all damages done to the concession area, or to any fixtures, equipment and installation contained therein by its servants, agents, employees, other than damage which may be caused by ordinary wear and tear.

n)        to be responsible for hiring, supervising and paying their own staff.

o)         to provide cooperation regarding hours of operation.  The concession booth should be open for all organized games, practices and events with a full menu as approved at the beginning of each season.

The Town agrees:

a)         to provide an online schedule of events and ice usage to KMS for determining hours of operation.

b)         to provide space in the West Central Events Centre to operate a food service operation on the main level of the West Central Events Centre.

c)         to provide water, sewer and electrical services.

d)         to provide use of kitchen equipment as supplied. Please see “Schedule A” for list
of equipment.


President                                           Executive Member


Mayor, Town of Kindersley                        Chief Administrator Officer

The formatting is off due to the use of graphics in the original document.

The rental rate is $500 per month during the busy period and $300 per month for the slow period.