Sunday, 31 May 2015

SK Youth Parliament May Mini Session in Kindersley Prorogued

The SK Youth Parliament May Mini Session in Kindersley prorogued their session today at KCS. The Youth Parliament will resume in November in the Provincial Legislature in Regina.

I was very pleased to hear how positive the group was about Kindersley. They liked the community spirit, the participation of local youth, and the support of the businesses for their cause.

Four youths from Kindersley and West Central Saskatchewan participated including my oldest son.
Sydney, John, Myles (Premier - not from here), Joe Tasha, Sheldon, Emma. May 31, 2015
As Lieutenant Governor I nodded my assent for bills and resolutions. It was awkward with all the bowing and nodding that was happening. I must say, the Lieutenant Governor doesn't say a whole lot.
Joe, the Speaker, asking for permission. May 31, 2015.
Myles, the Clerk, asking for assent of the bill. May 31, 2015.
It was a good experience for everyone I spoke with at the Youth Parliament. I met students from Shaunavon, Regina, Moose Jaw, Alsask, Prince Albert and more.

Parliament was concluded with the singing of the national anthem; after I left as Lieutenant Governor.
SK Youth Parliament May Mini Session in Kindersley concluding with O' Canada. May 31, 2015.
This is a terrific program run by young people for young people. If you are interested, or think your son or daughter would benefit, contact them through facebook.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Firemen's Ball

Tonight was a celebration for the Kindersley Fire and Rescue Brigade. The Brigade is in their 105th year of serving and protecting Kindersley.
The Firemen's Ball. May 30, 2015
This has been a very busy year so far. The highest number of calls the Brigade has done in one year is 175. From January until the end of April the Brigade has made 70 calls.

In his remarks this evening Chief Hope talked of expectations:

  • that the appropriate resources will be available for all incidents,
  • that the responses will be timely,
  •  and that the service provided will be appropriate for the incident.
Chief Hope also spoke about the expectations of his Brigade:

  • once signed up there are no volunteers, you are expected to show up for training and calls,
  • you will do your best.

Serving Kindersley in the Brigade are 22 active members who participate in aggressive training.
2015 Kindersley Fire and Rescue Brigade. May 30, 2015
Members of the Brigade, and their years of service, include: Chief Hope 34 years and 17 years as Chief, Deputy Chief Rod Stevens 29 years, Deputy Chief Jeff Soveran 25 years, Deputy Chief Randy Vold 5 years, Deputy Chief David Burke 37 years, Randy Schmidt 13 years, Adam Wake 7 years, Dakota Tanner 3 years, Myles Perrin 20 years, Wayne Bliel 17 years, Kyla Jeffries ?, Dan Bular 4 years, John Schneider 3 years, Aaron Georget 2 years, Bryan ? 1 year, Cody Welker 1 year, Ron Cales 1 year, Cody Gutenburg 1 year Olga ? <1 year, Justin Smith <1 year, Jeremy Otto 1 year, and the youngest member is Cory Shields with less than a year. (I apologize for spelling errors, missed names and incorrect years of service)

The leadership team has been together for a while and is training new members to take over the leadership.
David Burke, Rod Stevens, Randy Vold, Ron Hope, Jeff Soveran. May 30, 2015
A special award was made this evening to Myles Perrin. Myles has served for 20 years on the Brigade. Chief Hope presented to Myles, on behalf of the Governor General, the Exemplary Services Medal. Congratulations Myles and thank you for your professionalism, expertise, and dedication!
David Burke, Rod Stevens, Randy Vold, Ron Hope, Jeff Soveran celebrating Myles recognition from the Governor General. May 30, 2015.
My evening's remarks are below.
·         It is an honour to be here tonight, thank you to the organizing committee for the invitation
·         Thank you to the members of the Kindersley Fire and Rescue Brigade for your service and commitment to Kindersley and West Central Saskatchewan
·         I am proud to be your Mayor.
·         As I meet with my colleagues in West Central Saskatchewan and around the province your reputation for professionalism, expertise, and dedication precedes me
·         Encompassed in Council’s Strategic Plan and Ends Policies are references to having a safe community
·         As such you have a key role helping us identify risk to our people and our property
·         Because of your leadership we now have a new Fire Ban Bylaw
·         This is an important bylaw because the best definition of success you may have are the fires you have prevented. Thank you.
·         The Fire Chief has become a part of the leadership team by being involved in Director level activities such as his participation in our organization review and the evaluation process for our CAO
·         Moving forward I am looking forward to the work of the Fire Department as we collaborate to ensure that our future prosperity is being safeguarded as we discuss levels of service for the community
·         This is an important conversation we must have to ensure the town’s ongoing success and that we have a vibrant, dynamic, and successful fire department
·         You, our Kindersley firefighters, are some of our greatest partners in keeping Kindersley safe
·         More often than not, you are the first responders to appear on scene in an emergency
·         As first responders you often do not know what dangers you might face when you are responding to a call
·         Thank you for your bravery, persistence, and dedication
·         You are held in high regard in Kindersley and West Central Saskatchewan for you professionalism and discipline
·         I often find it hard to believe that you are a non-career brigade given the work you have done knowing that you are installers, mechanics, managers, and more
·         However, as soon as emergencies arise, you become some of the bravest among us, committing yourself to face dangers that many of us would not have the fortitude to do ourselves
·         It may not always be readily apparent but Council and Administration of the Town of Kindersley appreciates each of you and your service
·         As do our residents appreciate you, as do those of neighbouring communities, who so many times this department has lent aid to support during their emergencies
·         I am proud to be the Mayor of our Fire Department and I want to encourage you that I, and Council, remains committed to working with you to build a strong and sustainable fire department
·         We will do our part to see that the new fire hall gets built as soon as possible, and that the equipment and resources you need to do your job can be provided to you as best we can

·         Thank you for the invitation to be here with you tonight and congratulations to each of you

Finally, I'm looking forward to seeing you at Council's appreciation bbq on the 29th.

Moment with the Mayor: Fire Bans and Pigeons

Hi Neighbours:

Every farmer I have spoken with is looking for rain. There is a lot of water in the ground but not enough at the surface to get the seeds growing. Some of the farmers have even said that our area has not had any rainfall since last August.

Rain is needed, which brings us to another topic.

I was surprised to learn, as well as some other municipal leaders, that our Fire Prevention Bylaw has no provision for the declaration of fire bans. That was remedied at our last Council Meeting on the 26th by an amendment to the bylaw.

With the amendment, the Fire Chief may now issue a written declaration, authorized by the CAO, to ban burning and incineration of any kind in town. Naturally, there are penalties for not complying - fines are $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for corporations.

The current ban is for open fires, fire pits, and fireworks within the Town and Regional Park.

This ban does not affect gas and charcoal briquette barbeques with lids, nor cheminea with doors (the fancy caged outdoor fire places with little chimneys) for the purpose of cooking and heating.

The lifting of the ban is dependent on moisture levels.

A number of our regional neighbours, including the RM of Kindersley, have implemented bans.

On another note: We learned from the Conservation Officers that pigeons are difficult to eradicate. Because we have elevators, they like to stay in the area. Traps have been set but the result is that they just move from one spot to another. Poulins, the exterminator the Town uses, does not deal with pigeons.

Please write or phone if you would like me to discuss a particular topic. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line at the town office or email me at You can also check out my blog at I appreciate your feedback.

A Question About the Fire Ban

Today, in an email, I was asked why we have a fire ban. We have a fire ban, like many of our regional neighbours including the RM of Kindersley and Eston, as a preventative measure. The current ban is for open fires, fire pits, and fireworks within the Town and Regional Park.

This ban does not affect gas and charcoal briquette barbeques with lids, nor cheminea with doors (the fancy caged outdoor fire places with little chimneys) for the purpose of cooking and heating.

Before I respond let me say this about our Chief and his brigade: I am proud to be their Mayor. I have learned since I was elected that Chief Hope and his crew are highly respected throughout the province for their professionalism, expertise and dedication. Our members of the department are highly trained and in many cases have more experience than many career fire department personnel in cities across Western Canada.

Chief Hope and his team are not just responsible for fighting fires but, I think just as important, preventing fires. Preventing fires means minimizing risk to our community’s people and property and ensuring our Town’s ongoing success.

·         Our fire department is a regional fire department in all but name. As a result they respond to calls beyond our boundaries.

·         So far this year the fire department has responded to almost a false alarm per week and 70 calls. (This is a lot of a non-career department where the crew have other jobs and employers, who are supportive of the program, expect their employees to serve their customers as well.)

·         This year has seen the Fire Department respond to the highest number of grass fires on record.

·         There are many areas of our community that border tall unkempt grass, fields, and prairie and are at greater risk. This risk also puts at risk neighbouring homes and businesses.

·         There are yards in town that are not kept to a standard to prevent a fire starting from sparks from an open pit fire. Our neighbours’ backyards may be drier, have tall grass and weeds, dry lumber and other materials that could catch fire from a spark.

For more information here is a news segment.

I'm sure that when there is more moisture, as the farmers want, then there will be a reevaluation of the situation.

Thank you for asking; I hope this answers your question. Please email me if you have any other questions or comments.

Enjoy our busy weekend! There is lots to do.

365 Lloyd 'Sparky' Ament Squadron Annual Ceremonial Review and Change of Command 2015

This afternoon was a big afternoon for the 365 Lloyd 'Sparky' Ament Squadron and the widow of 'Sparky' who was also in attendance. Mrs Ament has been in attendance every year I have attended on behalf of the Town.
Mrs Ament. May 30, 2015
 The guest of honour this year was Lieutenant Commander Cross. LCdr Cross has been a cadet since she was a teenager. As a Cadet and through the Cadet program LCdr Cross has seen the world and shared some of her experiences.
LCdr Cross. May 30, 2015
Today also saw a celebration of the Cadets achievements this past year including promotions.
Music. May 30, 2015
Marksmanship and Biathlon. May 30, 2015
Aviation. May 30, 2015

At ease. May 30, 2015.

Inspection, May 30, 2015

Survival skills. May 30, 2015.

Finally, as a well run organization, saw a change in command with Captain Hahn succeeding Captain Kehr. The Cadets are very strong with clearly defined succession plan.
Change of Command Ceremonial Signing. May 30, 2015

The Museum's Pancake Breakfast

This is a busy weekend in Kindersley. After opening the SK Youth Parliament Mini Session I grabbed by middle son and we headed over to the Museum for some pancakes and sausages.

The band performing during the Museum's Pancake Breakfast. May 30, 2015.

SK Youth Parliament May Mini Parliament in Kindersley

I was honoured today to participate in the SK Youth Parliament May Mini Parliament in Kindersley. My participation was in the role of 'Lieutenant Governor.' I enjoyed it very much and came away impressed by the 20 or so young people participating. The group works until tonight around 9:00 and then resume tomorrow morning concluding when I join them again in my role as 'Lieutenant Governor.'

The House elected a speaker before I could deliver the throne speech. When I receive a copy of the throne speech I will post it here.
The Speaker is wearing a cool hat. May 30, 2015
After my role was finished they began their debates.
The debates begin. May 30, 2015.
I also delivered greetings on behalf of the Town.

·         On behalf of the Town of Kindersley, its Council and Administration, and our residents, I want to welcome the 2015 Saskatchewan Youth Parliament May Mini Session to Kindersley.

·         It is encouraging to see youth from around our province participating and becoming educated about government and the fundamentals of the democratic process.
     ·         Strong governance is the core of strong communities, province and countries

·         The Saskatchewan Youth Parliament’s mission of being non-partisan and not-for profit are very much in alignment with municipal government
     ·         Municipal governments, with a couple of exceptions, are non-partisan.
     ·         Our Council works collaboratively supporting one another even in times of disagreement.
     ·         The mark of a good Council, and a good government, is how it works even in times of disagreement

·         Like the Saskatchewan Youth Parliament, municipal governments are not in the profit sector, we are constrained by legislation to only recover costs for many goods and services

·         The question that Councils and legislatures discuss is simple: How do we provide a good life for our citizens?
     ·         That is why governments exist: to facilitate answers to this question.
     ·         To have a vision of what the answer (or the journey) is, is the responsibility of every level of government

·         It seems good to me to suggest that in answering the question there are four fundamental attributes a vision of the good life must address:
     ·         Beauty, Justice, Fulfillment, and Relationships
     ·         Developing policy to implement the vision involves the teamwork between the politicians and the bureaucracy

·         Beauty’s reach is significant.
     ·         Beauty isn’t just about how a space, natural or built, inspires us, but also is it clean and healthy?
     ·         Beauty is about the infrastructure we need to drink water, dispose of our waste, healthcare and more
     ·         Policies surrounding beauty are needed to be inspire us and keep us healthy
·         Justice is complicated and comprehensive with many questions: Is it fair? What do I deserve? What power do I have? What power do others have over me? And more.
     ·         Justice also includes a host of relational issues from economic distribution to murder.
     ·         Addressing the question of justice is most challenging and the most notable attribute of working together for justice is the “how” of how we work together

·         The third issue we address is the challenge of fulfillment: how do we facilitate fulfillment for the residents of our community and province?
     ·         Fulfillment is achieved in a variety of ways; there is no one answer to this
     ·         Your participation in this Parliament is an example of your own fulfillment as well as working for others.
     ·         At the municipal level it varies through arts and culture to sports and recreation to economic to spiritual to leisure to spectating

·         Finally, the fourth issue is relationships, are we an inclusive or exclusive community or society?
     ·         This issue tends to change from generation to generation but politics is about relationships
     ·         Relationships between groups, individuals, communities, and space including environmental relationships between habitat for nature to humanity to industry

·         And we achieve these four attributes through the use of three tools: budget, laws, and public policy

·         We have to remember as well that politics is irrational

·         I want to thank you for coming to Kindersley; we are proud to have your here

·         Be encouraged as you fulfill your calling to sort out these questions over the weekend

·         May your weekend be a success as you work together to make Saskatchewan more beautiful, more just, more fulfilling and more relational.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Great Plains College Grad 2015

Friday night 24 students graduated from Great Plains College. Graduates achieved their GED, Grade 12, Administrative Assistant, and Fourth Class Power Engineering. Of the graduating class special congratulations go to: David Stuart, Jacqueline, Wiebe, Katrina Aguilar, Amy Lucier, and Mitchell Klein all of Kindersley.
Great Plains Grad Night. May 29, 2015
Here are my greetings are on behalf of the Town.

·         Congratulations on behalf of the Council of the Town of Kindersley and our residents for your graduation.
     ·         Congratulations go to the many families of the students who made the sacrifice as their loved ones spent a year studying intensively
·         Last September I welcomed you to Kindersley and the circumstances were different:
·         Some of you were still looking for accommodations, you had questions about what you were doing, some of you were wondering if you get through the year
·         And tonight? Here you are.
·         Congratulations!
·         But now you have another new beginning
     ·         A new beginning about where are you going to live, what are you going to do, and how are you going meet your goals and more
·         As you become bigger contributors to the community in which you live, I want to ask you to consider four attributes:
     ·         How could you make your work place, home, neighbourhood, and community more beautiful?
     ·         What could you do ensure your workplace and community is just?
     ·         How are you going to contribute to your work place and community so you gain fulfillment and help others be fulfilled? and finally
     ·         How could you be a good friend, family, member, neighbour, and citizen, so you have good relationships with those around you.
·         At the end of the day, you are remembered for bringing out the best in those around you and your community.

·         Congratulations and may you enjoy success!

Change at the Mix 104.9: Again

For the past year I have been doing "Shooting the Breeze" with Trevor Redden at the Mix. Today was Trevor's last day. Trevor has a career path he wants to follow and his next step is to be the voice of the Lloydminster Bobcats and working in their marketing department.

Trevor, it has been a pleasure working with you; I appreciate your community building heart. The Bobcats have hired a quality guy.

Trevor Redden's Last Day at Mix 104.9. May 29, 2015

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Community Group's Contribution to Kindersley: Clean and Play

Today I received an email about a group I am not familiar with: "Clean and Play." Clean and Play is a group of children and their parents who have worked together to make Kindersley a good place to live, play, and work by cleaning up the environment.

Some of the lessons the children learned include:
  • Actions speak louder than words;
  • Everyone is responsible for the environment;
  • A small amount of effort can make a big difference;
  • and more.
If you are a member of a group that helps make Kindersley a great place to live, please share how your group contributes to Kindersley. Please email me the information and I will post it to the blog; include photos if you want though I can't promise to post all the photos.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The New Roughrider Stadium

While in Regina I went by the new stadium project to take a peek. Here are some photos of the construction. At the bottom, if your nostalgic are two photos of Mosaic Stadium.
The New Stadium in Regina under Construction. May 26, 2015

The New Stadium in Regina under Construction. May 26, 2015

The New Stadium in Regina under Construction. May 26, 2015

The New Stadium in Regina under Construction. May 26, 2015

The New Stadium in Regina under Construction. May 26, 2015

The New Stadium in Regina under Construction. May 26, 2015

The New Stadium in Regina under Construction. May 26, 2015

Mosaic Stadium in Regina. May 26, 2015

Mosaic Stadium in Regina. May 26, 2015

The Temporary Ledg

While in Regina I was by the Ledge and here is an update. There isn't a whole lot to see. Reminds me of soviet socialist architecture; thankfully it is temporary.
The Ledge being renovated. May 26, 2015

The Ledge being renovated. May 26, 2015

A Water Slide and Spray Park in Regina

Here is a new water slide that just opened in Regina at the Travelodge South. The splash pad has computer programming providing an assortment of splash patterns through a 'shower,' 'fountains,' and 'spouts.'

The water slide is very fast.
Travelodge South in Regina new aquatic centre, May 25, 2015.

A Community Group's Contribution to Kindersley: The Masons

The Masons have a long standing history in Kindersley and have proudly been contributing to our well-being.

This past week they gave us a report of how they make Kindersley a better place.

  • annual donation to the community Handi Bus,
  • deliver Meals on Wheels,
  • provide and serve free ice cream at the Canada Day Celebrations,
  • participation in the Goose Festival Parade,
  • participation in Remembrance Day Services,
  • staff the Salvation Army Kettles leading up to Christmas,
  • provide bursaries to district high schools,
  • bursary to the Kindersley and District Music Festival,
  • student travel assistance to conferences, etc, and
  • sponsor student the leadership camp in Wakaw.
Thanks to the Masons for helping to make Kindersley a great place to live.

If you let me know how your group contributes to Kindersley, I would be more than happy to share it with Council and on my blog.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Canadian Electricity Rate Comparisons

I received this information in an email. I have not independently verified that the information is accurate.
Take a look at this chart demonstrating the all-in-cost for rural resident's monthly billing across Canada.

Here's the detailed breakdown of the rates from the chart above:
Basic monthly Charge, $7.28
Energy Charge: 7.381¢/kWhx1000, $73.81
$7.28 + $73.81
Total $81.09 for 1000 KwH

British Colombia Basic monthly charge, 0.16640 per day ($4.92 monthly)
Energy Charge: 7.52¢/kWhx1000, $75.20
Rate Rider 5% Rate Rider applied to all charges before taxes and levies
4.92+75.2= 80.12 + $4 (rate rider)
Total $84.12 for 1000 KwH


Basic Monthly Charge    $20.22            
Energy Charge: 12.346¢/KwHx1000, $123.46
$20.22 + $123.46
Total $143.68 for 1000 KwH

Hydro one
20% on peak hours, 20% on mid peak, 60% on low peak is the average
200 kwh peak,$32.2, 200 mid, $22.8, 600 low, $42, Total $97
line loss charge +$11.19
Basic Monthly Charge + $24.07
smart meter entity charge + $0.79
debt retirement +$7
regulatory charge + $5.95
delivery Charge
(distribution  charge, $33.90, + transmission connection,+ $4.99, + transmission network + $7.19, + smart meter entity charge, 25 cents) Total $46.33
Total  $192.33 for 1000 KwH

QuebecBasic Monthly Charge, $12.19
Energy Charge: 5.57¢/KwHx1000, $55.70
Total  $67.89 for 1000 KwH

New Brunswick

Basic Monthly Charge, $22.46
Energy Charge: 10.25 ¢/KwHx1000, 102.50
102.50 + 22.46
Total $124.96 for 1000 KwH

Nova Scotia

TOU billing
Basic Monthly Charge, $18.82
Energy Charge: break down 20 peak/20 mid/60 low
Peak=19.305¢/kWh Medium=14.947¢/kWh low=8.020¢/kWh
peak =38.60 medium= 29.89 low=48.12
Total  $135.43 for 1000 KwH

Basic charge, $15.68
Energy Charge: 11.178¢/KwHx1000, $111.78
Total $127.46 for 1000 KwH
Basic Monthly Charge, $22.46
Energy Rate Charge=10.25¢/KwHx1000, $102.50
Total $124.96 for 1000 KwH

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Morning at Motherwell

Motherwell. May 24, 2015
Have a good day!

Moment with the Mayor: Highlights from the Pool Open House

Hi Neighbours:

The first round of community consultation for the new pool began last week, hosted by Group 2. I was pleasantly surprised to see 20 people participating in the afternoon session, and even more surprised by the 25 people who turned out for the evening session. Thank you to all for being involved. Here are some highlights from those discussions.

·         Group 2 helped us understand different programming options, equipment needs, and how programming can change for the better. As an example, the 'lazy river' was originally designed to be a fun activity for swimmers simply to float around, and now it is also used for swimming lessons, physio-therapy, and seniors programming.

·         A pool facility can be understood in three categories: programming, watertainment,’ and social integration.

·         An intergenerational facility can provide programs that enhance fitness, health and wellness, social, life skills, and quality of life. Each use is best done with a different temperature. For example, lane and competitive swimming requires cooler water whereas leisure requires warmer water.

·         Pool activities can include swimming lessons, lifeguard training, fitness classes and lane swims, competitive and leisure diving, swim clubs and competitive swimming, and aqua therapy for people recovering from injuries to helping those with arthritis and more.

·         82% of those attending last week’s sessions favoured an indoor pool and swimming lessons for all ages including all of the activities listed previously. A “water slide is a must.”

·         There are also a number of amenities available such as: water sprays, in-pool play structures, water slides, drop slides, 1m and 3m diving boards, diving towers, rope swings, and climbing walls.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the consultations. The next steps are to hold another consultation at the end of June to confirm the direction, to provide a report to Council in July, and a final design report in August.

Please write or phone if you would like me to discuss a particular topic. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line at the town office or email me at You can also check out my blog at I appreciate your feedback.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Downtown Pigeons

We learned from the Conservation Officers that pigeons are difficult to eradicate. Because we have elevators they like to stay in the area. Traps have been set but the result is they just move from one spot to another.

The exterminator the Town uses, Poulins, does not do pigeons.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Group 2 Pool Open House #1 Presentation

Here is the presentation Group 2 made this past week.

Tank Only, mechanical and change rooms are not included in the price