Friday, 11 September 2015

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Moment with the Mayor: Pool Update

Hi Neighbours:

Here is an update on some of the findings of the pool survey and the current status of the project.

·         708 people completed the survey including almost 550 residents of Kindersley.

·         83% of respondents support moving forward to build an indoor aquatic centre.

·         47% of respondents are willing to pay up to $200 per year per property for the pool with 49% in favour of paying a flat rate base tax (34% were against a flat rate base tax.)

·         Based on 1,947 properties that pay tax, the total revenue would be $389,400 (*This may cover operating expenses)

·         46% of respondents are against a mill rate increase to pay for the pool.

·         47% of respondents said they would pay $600,000 for a water slide and whirlpool.

·         Only 30% said they would pay an extra $1.6 million to have a 6-lane pool rather than a 4 lane pool.

As it stands, the total cost of a 6-lane pool would be closer to $2 million, plus about $8 million in operating expenses over the life of the pool. With a 4-lane pool, Kindersley is still able to host regional events, but having a 6-lane pool would mean we could host two (occasionally three) additional Swim Sask meets per year. The question is whether the return on our investment in having 6 lanes is worth three meets per year with perhaps 100 or so participants? We are awaiting more data that will help determine the economic impact these meets could bring to Kindersley.

Here are some pool concepts we are looking at:

·         A 6 lane pool with a 1m diving board, zero entry tank and large leisure pool, a Tarzan rope with space for a future waterslide. Not included are a lazy river and whirlpool.

·         A 4 lane pool with a 1m diving board, zero entry tank, large leisure pool, a Tarzan rope, and space for a future waterslide. Not included are a lazy river and whirlpool.

·         A 4 lane pool with zero entry and a small leisure pool, lazy river, 1m diving board, a Tarzan rope, and space for a future waterslide. Not included is a whirlpool.

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Saturday, 5 September 2015

New Website


Just a quick note to let you know that my blog site is moving to a new address and new format Tuesday morning.

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The move has been necessitated by a couple of things: I have close to 850 posts and there have been more than 40,000 visits to this blog; there is a lot of content and traffic. I'm hoping you will find the new site and format easy on the eye and easy to use.

One of the changes will be a comment section and I look forward to reading your questions, concerns, and more.

Thank you for your patience as this move is made.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Legion Hall

The Legion Hall has been undergoing a face lift this year. If I recall correctly the building is almost 100 years old.

I believe there is still more work to be done but here is where things are as of last week.
Legion Hall. August 28, 2015.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Coleman Cres Park Ideas

Like any good pasta cook, the Open House had a 'spaghetti throwing' session. The session was to collect ideas for the park. After a slow start things picked up. Here they are:
  • open space for free play
  • trees and benches
  • irrigation to keep the grass green
  • multi generational amenities
  • a hill that could be used for tobogganing
  • landscape the mailboxes including a windbreak
  • a path
  • off-street parking
  • infant swings
  • small playground with impact zone
  • path with soft surface
  • drainage away from the park
  • soccer pitch (the field is too small for an official size soccer pitch)
  • sandbox
  • tennis court
  • all the parks should be connected by trails
  • lighting for safety
  • a fundraising bbq
  • pickup basketball space including a hard surface
  • in kind donations

Coleman Park Open House Presentation

There was a good turnout for the Coleman Park Open House. There were lots of residents at the meeting from both Hahn Crescent and Coleman Crescent.

One of the outcomes that we wanted from the Town perspective is a working committee to help develop a concept and budget of the park. Good news: 11 people signed up to be on the working group and more there was also more good news - the Coleman Cres neighbours were planning a neighbourhood bbq when I left.

Here is the presentation:

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Moment with the Mayor: Annexation

Hi Neighbours:

One of the topics Council is considering is that of annexing land from the RM of Kindersley. The land in question includes the quarter of land east of the residential acreages located north of HWY #7, as well as two quarters of land east of the current subdivision development running south of the railway, one quarter south of Motherwell Reservoir including the Motherwell Estates, and two quarters on the western edge of town - one being north of the highway across the road from Boston Pizza, and the other immediately south of the highway.

Council is considering annexation as a solution to some of the planning and economic development challenges we are experiencing.

Annexation is the legal process of transferring a smaller or subordinate unit of land, such as a quarter section of land to a larger unit, such as Town land. In our case, we are requesting the transfer of land from the RM to the Town. Annexation can occur three different ways: the province can initiate it, the urban municipality can begin the process, or thirdly, citizen petitions can be used to have land annexed.

Let’s not forget to talk about the money question: how much will it cost? The cost has not been determined but there is a broad formula that the province has adopted, which has three components:

·         The annual net revenue loss of the RM (revenue loss minus service expense reductions);

·         The net increase to Town expenditures (the increased costs of servicing the property and the expected revenue or property tax collected); and finally

·         The remaining value of the RM’s municipal infrastructure asset (book value) based on the RM’s Tangible Capital Asset Register.

Negotiations are usually based on the number of years the RM should receive compensation. As you may imagine, the RM will ask for more years and the Town will suggest fewer years. However, precedence is being set for compensation and we will have to see how it goes.

Just a reminder that kids are back in school. Please drive carefully and watch for kids crossing the street.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Since June Admin has been exploring the planning rationale for annexation of 6 quarters of land from the RM of Kindersley.
Proposed Annexation Lands.
This is still in the exploration stage with no final decision made. Should the Town decide this is what we want to do then negotiations need to be held with the RM regarding compensation. It can be a long process. Needless to say rural municipalities and urban municipalities don't always agree on compensation.
Future Land Use

More Coleman Park Ideas

I received some more suggestions regarding the development of the park between Hahn Cres and Coleman Cres. These ideas are worth discussing. Before getting into the ideas a quick note: Council allocated $25,000 for the development of this park for this year. Some of the money has been spent to level the land. Monies will be set aside for the park next year but I don't know to what extent it will cover all of the amenities for the park.

Without further adieu here are some great park ideas:
  • there is a great need for non organized recreation spaces.
  • outdoor sand volleyball courts,
  • a lawn bowling pitch and a picnic area with closed in BBQ's.
    • these ideas makes it a multifunctional area that all age groups in the community would be able to use.
What are your thoughts for the green space?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Moment with the Mayor: New Park & Public Participation

Hi Neighbours:

Thursday evening, the 27th, we are having another public meeting at Caleb Village. This time it is for the development of a new park on the long stretch of land between Hahn Cres and Coleman Cres. Parks can be little community jewels, and our goal is to have a jewel that is well used. To design a park that is beautiful and enjoyed by many, we need the participation of the neighbourhood and interested persons. What does the neighbourhood want to see in the park? What could be the distinguishing features?

We need participation because Kindersley is changing - we have more cultural and ethnic diversity, greater mobility, saturated internet connectivity, residents who are more informed and want to have input into the decision-making process, and our desire for increased openness and transparency.

I think there are four important parts of the planning process:

1.       Good policy is comprehensive – it can’t be developed in isolation.

2.      Community enhancement and growth requires public participation – Council, Administration, and stakeholders need to work/collaborate together.

3.      Our/Kindersley’s goals require long term planning – we need to be intentional and disciplined to achieve community goals.

4.      Our/Kindersley’s expectations change over time – expectations in 2012 may be different in 2015.

I am convinced that when we have healthy community participation, and Council and Administration listen and respond responsibly, then we have healthy progress. If Council is asking you to participate, what is Council and Admin’s responsibility? To treat your input respectfully, clearly outline the scope of the input requested, and to be well organized and prepared.

Finally, I want to share with you Council’s purpose, according to our Council Policy Manual (GP.0.) In fact, this policy is so important that I have had it placed under the glass on every Councillor’s desk: “The purpose of Council, on behalf of the ratepayers of Kindersley, is to see to it that the Town of Kindersley (a) achieves appropriate results for appropriate persons at an appropriate cost and (b) avoids unacceptable actions and situations.”

Please write or phone if you would like me to discuss a particular topic. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line at the town office or email me at You can also check out my blog at I appreciate your feedback.