Sunday, 30 August 2015

Moment with the Mayor: Annexation

Hi Neighbours:

One of the topics Council is considering is that of annexing land from the RM of Kindersley. The land in question includes the quarter of land east of the residential acreages located north of HWY #7, as well as two quarters of land east of the current subdivision development running south of the railway, one quarter south of Motherwell Reservoir including the Motherwell Estates, and two quarters on the western edge of town - one being north of the highway across the road from Boston Pizza, and the other immediately south of the highway.

Council is considering annexation as a solution to some of the planning and economic development challenges we are experiencing.

Annexation is the legal process of transferring a smaller or subordinate unit of land, such as a quarter section of land to a larger unit, such as Town land. In our case, we are requesting the transfer of land from the RM to the Town. Annexation can occur three different ways: the province can initiate it, the urban municipality can begin the process, or thirdly, citizen petitions can be used to have land annexed.

Let’s not forget to talk about the money question: how much will it cost? The cost has not been determined but there is a broad formula that the province has adopted, which has three components:

·         The annual net revenue loss of the RM (revenue loss minus service expense reductions);

·         The net increase to Town expenditures (the increased costs of servicing the property and the expected revenue or property tax collected); and finally

·         The remaining value of the RM’s municipal infrastructure asset (book value) based on the RM’s Tangible Capital Asset Register.

Negotiations are usually based on the number of years the RM should receive compensation. As you may imagine, the RM will ask for more years and the Town will suggest fewer years. However, precedence is being set for compensation and we will have to see how it goes.

Just a reminder that kids are back in school. Please drive carefully and watch for kids crossing the street.

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