Monday, 31 August 2015

Coleman Cres Park Ideas

Like any good pasta cook, the Open House had a 'spaghetti throwing' session. The session was to collect ideas for the park. After a slow start things picked up. Here they are:
  • open space for free play
  • trees and benches
  • irrigation to keep the grass green
  • multi generational amenities
  • a hill that could be used for tobogganing
  • landscape the mailboxes including a windbreak
  • a path
  • off-street parking
  • infant swings
  • small playground with impact zone
  • path with soft surface
  • drainage away from the park
  • soccer pitch (the field is too small for an official size soccer pitch)
  • sandbox
  • tennis court
  • all the parks should be connected by trails
  • lighting for safety
  • a fundraising bbq
  • pickup basketball space including a hard surface
  • in kind donations

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