Tuesday, 25 August 2015

More Coleman Park Ideas

I received some more suggestions regarding the development of the park between Hahn Cres and Coleman Cres. These ideas are worth discussing. Before getting into the ideas a quick note: Council allocated $25,000 for the development of this park for this year. Some of the money has been spent to level the land. Monies will be set aside for the park next year but I don't know to what extent it will cover all of the amenities for the park.

Without further adieu here are some great park ideas:
  • there is a great need for non organized recreation spaces.
  • outdoor sand volleyball courts,
  • a lawn bowling pitch and a picnic area with closed in BBQ's.
    • these ideas makes it a multifunctional area that all age groups in the community would be able to use.
What are your thoughts for the green space?

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